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What We Use

Story of natural ingredients both for mom and baby

  • Alpine Spring Water

    Spring water with abundant minerals (good for skin) from Tyrol that has been beloved
    with its healing hot springs for centuries

  • Organic Lavender

    This ‘Queen of Herbs’ with a variety of efficacy helps
    to have sound sleep with its soft and warm aroma.

  • Organic Sweet Orange

    Providing sweet & refreshing aroma and
    vitality that infants like as well

  • Organic Sunflower Seed

    Helping to build skin layer and
    moisturize with abundant Vitamin E and protein

  • Organic Soybean

    Excellent for nutrition and moisturizing
    for skin with abundant vitamins and unsaturated fat

  • Organic Sweet Almond

    Excellent moisturizing effect
    with abundant vitamins, minerals and protein

  • Organic Apricot Kernel

    Helping to improve skin firmness while soothing
    sensitive skin with Vitamin A & E

  • Organic Olive

    Providing abundant nutrition & moisture
    from skin-friendly olive oil

  • Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

    Providing abundant moisture
    with the excellent soothing component for dry skin

  • Organic Calendula Flower

    Excellent skin protection,
    soothing and moisturizing effect

  • Organic Hazelnut Seed

    Helping to soften skin and build skin firmness
    with abundant vitamins and minerals

  • Bisabolol

    Bisabolol is extracted from Chamomile,
    which helps to soften skin and build skin firmness.

  • Squalane

    Vegetable squalene is extracted from olive,
    which helps to build skin layer with excellent moisturizing.

  • Tocopehrol

    Tocopherol contains Vitamin E with abundant vegetable oil,
    which is excellent at moisturizing and building skin layer.

  • Xilitol

    Xylitol is extracted from birch,
    which is good for soothing skin with heat and moisturizing.