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Our Ingredients

100% Natural ingredients from the Alps and science & technology in harmony 100%

Numerous cosmetics for infant are sold with the label ‘Natural cosmetics’
but only a few of them are made from genuine natural ingredients.
For our babies, the purest being in the world,
Little Mama makes genuine natural & organic products that moms can trust.
Products of Little Mama are genuinely natural and organic,
which are made from the manufacturing facilities surrounded the mysterious & clean Alps
exclusively for natural & organic products.
  • Genuine Standards
    for Natural & Organic Cosmetics NATRUE

    NATRUE is a certificate mark for natural & organic cosmetics
    issued by the European non-profit organization
    that is highly regarded worldwide.

    Unlike other certificates that suggest meaninglessly
    uniformed standards for organic products,
    NATRUE has its expertise and uniqueness in certificate of organic cosmetics
    by suggesting detailed standards for organic products by 13 categories of cosmetics.

    As genuine natural & organic cosmetics,
    all products of Little Mama receive NATRUE.
  • Ethics in Beauty Concerning
    Environment and Animal VEGAN

    VEGAN is a certificate mark for issued by Vegan Society
    (longest history in the industry from London since 1994).

    Vegan Society issues the trade mark while
    registering the certified vegan products through
    strict processes on exclusion of animal-derived ingredients and
    cosmetics without animal tests.

    Little Mama hopes to become
    a brand that concerns about environment and animals,
    friends of our babies.
  • Safe Ingredients Directly
    from the Nature GMO FREE

    GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism.

    For babies who put everything into their mouth,
    their skincare products should also be made in a strict manner.

    Any of Little Mama’s products
    do not use any GMO-based ingredients
    for our precious babies.
    They contain the nature itself.