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Baby Massage

7-step Baby Circulation Massage,
1st Greetings Delivered by Warmth and Love of Mom & Dad

Benefits of Baby Massage

Benefits of Baby Massage

Warmth, Soft Touch,
Baby’s Babbling and
Little Laughter…

Baby massage brings you such magical time to have bonding between mom, dad and baby face to face and heart to heart.
A lot of researches suggest that baby massage eases babies’ stress and helps babies to focus on things, grow and have deep sleep. It is also widely known to build strong bond between babies and their parents.

Touching and Smelling is the 1st Channel for Babies to Get Connected to the World
When Sight Is Still Blurry and They Can’t Still Talk.

Babies are instinctively reflex by hand grip to feel temperature and texture of their mom and dad.
For unpleasant smell, they frown their faces, but react towards nice aroma as a process of connection between memory and experience.
By giving baby massaging on a regular basis with warm and nicely scented natural aroma oil,
babies tend to remember their mother’s touch with nice aroma for long and bring back happy memories later on.

Baby Massage, Helping Circulation for Baby

Babies curled up for 9 months in their mom’s tummy: their bodies are still immature and mostly consist of water (90%).
Their body circulation is yet deteriorated. Thus, baby massage helps babies to grow and develop their body by stimulating circulation.
Professor Shim Jung-myo, a Korean expert of lymph drainage, joins Little Mama to develop such baby massage.

Little Note for Baby Massage

Baby Circulation Massage could be applied to new born babies,
while the best timing is 2 months old when the growth accelerates.
Rather than massage for long hours from the beginning, try to give babies massage more often.
A lot of mothers say their babies enjoy their massage after bath.
Massage after bath and before bed becomes a ritual, which makes babies learn their sleeping schedule
while distinguishing active day time and calm night time.


Baby Massage

7-step Baby Circulation Massage
1st Step


Rub both of your hands to make them warm so that the baby wouldn’t be surprised when your hands touch him/her.

Find a position to make yourself and the baby feel comfortable.
Lay the baby on a soft blanket and sit near the baby’s feet.
Putting pillows on both sides of the baby is a good idea so that he/she doesn’t roll.

Not to make the baby surprised by sudden massage,
provide some warm-up by moving his/her arms
and legs back and forth (as if walking).

2nd Step

Neck/Face Massage

Back of the neck is the final destination of lymph circulation of human body: it is always good to empty accumulated toxin by softly touching the baby’s neck before more massage.

Rub from the top of the baby’s ears to his/her chin. Pinch and pull the baby’s skin (above collar bones) from inside to outside (and the other way around too).

Start from the middle of the baby’s eyebrows. Use your thumbs to rub along with the baby’s eyebrows.
Massage from outside to inside of the baby’s face along with his/her cheekbones.
Push the baby’s nose upwards and rub towards outside of the baby’s face along with his/her cheekbones.
Wrap up the massage to rub towards the baby’s chin.

* Roughly draw the shape ‘3’ to provide massage more easily.

3rd Step

Arm/Hand Massage

Stimulation on palm develops senses and strengthens functions of internal organs.

Wrap the back side of the baby’s arm with your hands and softly rub in the direction from wrist to armpit.
Put the baby’s arm between your hands while making the shape of a ring with hands. Softly rub the baby’s arm as if slightly twisting upwards.

Equally press the baby’s hands from inside to outside for 3 seconds each time.

* Repeat 5 times while being careful so that the baby’s hand is not bent towards outside.

4th Step

Chest/Tummy Massage

Tummy massage develops babies’ immature system of digestion if having as often as possible, which helps digestion and bowel movement.

Slowly rub the baby’s chest with both of your hands from chest towards his/her tummy. Do the same action from the center of his/her chest towards his/her armpit.

Rub the whole tummy towards lower part of the baby’s body. To stimulate colon, use both of your hands for massage clockwise.

5th Step

Leg/Foot Massage

This is where the growth plate is located and where babies can easily feel tired after crawling. Frequent massage always helps.

Lift one ankle with one hand and softly rub from ankle to thigh. Put the baby’s leg between your hands while making the shape of a ring with hands. Softly rub the baby’s leg from ankle to thigh as if slightly twisting upwards.

Touch each toe one by one with your thumb and index finger. Place your thumb on the baby’s toe in the horizontal way to rub from the tip of the toe to heel.

* Repeat 5 times while being careful so that the baby’s ankle is not bent.

6th Step

Back Massage

Back massage elicits comfortable feelings.

During the day time, rub from butt to neck as if stretching to invigorate the baby’s muscles.

During the night time, rub backwards (torso to waist) to ease the baby’s muscles for good night sleep.

To wrap up, give some vibration with your fingers as if combing hair.

* Make sure not to directly press the baby’s spine. Rather, slightly touch back skin for massage.

7th Step

Stretching to wrap up

Lastly, wrap up the whole massage to make the experience become joy by stretching the baby’s arms and legs.