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Product Inquiry
Q Is there any particular way to store/use products?

In order to safely use, Little Mama’s products are in the brown package so that the natural & organic ingredients are protected from UV rays and the product storage duration can be extended.
General ways to store products would be also good to use Little Mama’s products in a fresher manner.
Keep the products away from direct sunlight. In the room temperature where there’s no temperature fluctuation, keep the products until the expiration date.
Within the valid period before the expiration date, you can safely use the products.

As the products are natural & organic, it is recommended to consume the product as soon as the product is open.

Product Inquiry
Q Is Little Mama exclusive for babies?

Little Mama’s Alpbebe Line is for not only babies but anyone

who are looking for mild products to extremely dry or sensitive skin after giving birth.  
The line also helps to build stronger affection and bonding between moms and babies.

Product Inquiry
Q Which age groups are supposed to use Little Mama products?

Products of Little Mama are natural & organic cosmetics developed for babies with sensitive skin. 
The products can be used by all family members 

who look for mild products due to sensitive skin rather than just babies.  

Product Inquiry
Q What are NATRUE and Vegan Society Certificate?

#NATRUE Certificate

Established in 2007, NATRUE is an international non-profit organization located in Brussel, Belgium

under the purpose of maintaining strict standards of natural & organic cosmetics.

Also, NATRUE has its strict standards under the purpose of maintaining the beauty of nature

and promoting the awareness of high-quality skin care products born from such nature.

NATRUE label gains continuous reliability from consumers in the natural cosmetics market.

These strict standards are applied to organic cosmetics only:

Only 10% of products in the organic skin care market worldwide hold the NATRUE Certificate.

All products of Little Mama obtain the NATRUE Certificate, which proves that the products are all reliable as natural & organic.

[Source: Webpage of NATRUE]


#Vegan Society Certificate

Vegan Society is a non-government organization under the purpose of improving human health 

as well as minimizing animal abuse and environment depletion for happier, healthier and cleaner world.

Vegan Society Certificate is given to vegan cosmetics

that don’t use any of the animal-derived ingredients and do any animal tests.

Cosmetics with Vegan Society Certificate, due to complex and strict assessment criteria,

are called ‘eco-friendly cosmetics’ that is further upgraded from 'organic cosmetics'.

Through Vegan Society Certificate, Little Mama is a brand that consumers feel free to use

while protecting lovely animal friends of our babies.

[Source: Webpage of Vegan Society]