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Baby Spa Therapy
Spa Ritual Set
  • Spa Ritual Set
  • Daily Spa Time for Mom and Baby, Wash + Lotion + Set of 3 oils
  • 135.95 USD
Spa Oil
  • Spa Oil
  • Natru top-rated organic spa oil
  • 48.20 USD
Spa Wash
  • Spa Wash
  • Long lasting after washing, Natural All-in-One Spa Wash
  • 42.02 USD
Spa Lotion
  • Spa Lotion
  • Soft and moist, organic spa Lotion
  • 45.73 USD
  • Baby Bath Robe
  • Bath robe in soft and soft material that will keep baby's body temperature after bath
  • 80.34 USD
  • Baby Bath Sponge
  • Bath time filled with happy sympathy, primium organic cotton bath sponge
  • 14.83 USD (sold out)

Spa Moisture Set

Spa Lotion + Spa Oil 2 Set


Baby Massage

Little Mama 7-step Baby Circulation Massage


How we make

100% Natural ingredients from the Alps and science & technology in harmony 100%


Spa Full Set

Wash + Lotion + Oil + Bath Lobe 4 Set

Our Story
리틀마마 만들어진 퓨어그린 이야기
Premium Baby Spa Brand from Alps
New mothers are beginner caregivers for their new born babies,
but they are eager to do anything good for their babies:
that’s what Little Mama is concerned about every day.
Mom & baby
become healthier and happier
when everything in body and soul is in harmony and calm.
Based on this belief,
Little Mama have mom & baby touched with
nature-oriented products and fairy-tale-like stories.
How we make
100% 알프스에서 온
천연 자연의 원료와 과학 기술의 조화
세상에서 가장 순수한 존재 우리 아기를 위하여 믿을 수 있는 진정한 천연 유기농 제품을 만듭니다.
신비롭고 청정한 알프스 산맥으로 둘러싸인천연 유기농 전문 제조시설에서
고집스럽고 정성스럽게 자연을 연구하여 진정한 의미의 천연 유기농 제품을 만듭니다.